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My name is
Monika Kleyenst├╝ber.

In 1999 I qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Onderstepoort, Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Subsequently I moved to the United Kingdom where I have practiced since in a variety of different small animal veterinary practices and emergency clinics throughout the country, gaining invaluable experience. Still working full time as a veterinary surgeon, I feel there is more to helping animals than just the orthodox pharmaceuticals.

After experiencing the benefits of McTimoney manipulation first-hand when a qualified McTimoney chiropractor resolved a back issue I once had, I looked into McTimoney animal manipulation to help my patients. After completing the Masters degree in McTimoney animal manipulation with distinction, I became the first vet to qualify as a McTimoney animal practitioner. To aid me with the manipulations I have also completed the Mershia massage course for dogs as well as horses.

Continually investigating and studying holistic and complementary therapies for animals, I also came to recognise the benefits of acupuncture. Having trained in basic acupuncture by doing a foundation course, I have treated some of my patients with good success. So I have decided to complete my General Practitioner Certification in Western Veterinary Acupuncture.

I have recently finished studying a diploma in canine massage to expand my massage skills and complimentary to this I am also undertaking continued training in the holistic TTouch technique with regular courses at ‘Tilley Farm’. Putting all of my knowledge and skills together, I strive to combine orthodox veterinary treatment with complimentary treatment in order to formulate an individual and holistic plan of action. By tailoring a treatment plan for each individual patient, I hope to give them the best chance of an optimal outcome.

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