BVSc, BSc(hons), MSc, GPCert (WVA&CPM), MRCVS

There is more to healing animals than pills and potions. Sometimes orthodox veterinary medicine is just not enough to help animals get back to optimal health. This is where Therapy4Pets can help out with acupuncture and/or McTimoney animal manipulation  and/or  Merishia massage 

On occasion some animals get side effects from anti-inflammatory medication such as nausea or diarrhoea. Certain anti-inflammatories cannot be used for animals with compromised kidneys or liver disease. In these situations acupuncture can be very helpful to treat pain. Acupuncture helps normalise the body and can be used for more than just pain relief.

McTomoney Therapy
Animals can suffer from musculoskeletal problems just like their human counterparts, but their way of letting us know about it can be very subtle, therefore such issues can go unnoticed or result is so- called bad behaviour. Dogs can become aggressive because of pain or discomfort. Pain, discomfort or the actual physical inability to perform what is asked of them can result in horses appearing to be evasive or bad tempered. McTimoney therapy is a very gentle way of treating certain musculoskeletal problems. Routine treatment could promote better health in your pet by assisting the musculoskeletal system to perform at its best. It can also help prevent certain injuries and could reduce re-injury incidence.

Merishia Animal Massage
Muscle spasms and tightness can be uncomfortable for animals in the same way it is in humans. Merishia animal massage is a gentle way to achieve relaxation and can improve performance whilst reducing possible risks of injury. Massage is used to finish off the treatment session in a relaxing way.